Shanika Desir

Program Coordinator and Accounts Payable Department

When I am asked “Why MCI?” my initial response is “why not MCI!” To put my answer in retrospect, I come from an environment surrounded by nothing but poverty stricken families and communities. Growing up I was taught that when you get, you give. Therefore, I whole-heartedly believe it is my duty to empower, educate, and GIVE to the youth. This is my way of giving away what I once received, which is knowledge, tender love and care, but most importantly a voice. Everyone was put on this earth with a mission and a purpose, this is my purpose.

The best part of my work is having the ability to be hands on in someone’s life. When I say hands on, I mean being able to help others make logical decisions, being able to guide others in the correct path of their dreams, and lastly being able to be there when I am needed most.

My most memorable MCI experience has to be witnessing the joy and smiles on the faces of impoverished children when they receive resources and tools that weren’t previously available to them. Every event, watching the children receive and be grateful for a little bit, whereas they’re not used to receiving anything. I’m thankful for the experiences I had thus far.

MCI has impacted my life in many ways. MCI has taught me how to work closely but effectively with others, how to sympathize with others, and how to explicitly impact someone’s life positively.

My favorite character has to be Huey from the show Boondocks. Huey is the epitome of Dr. Martin Luther King. His character has one goal and that is to educate our people and the youth.

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