Mary Martin

Community Intervention & Prevention
Why Miami Children’s Initiative?

Because of the work they do for the community and the undying support they give the children and parents of the families. To advocate and be a voice for the community and children.

What’s the best part of your work?

The best part of my work is solving situations for children at risk and families in need of resources and provisions.

What’s your most memorable MCI experience?

My most memorable MCI experience has been participating in the giving of the lunches and hot meals and providing services where needed. The Peace Walk and distribution of food.

How has MCI impacted your life?

MCI has impacted my life tremendously, I have a better perspective and outlook on life as well as a better vision for the people we serve and the needs of families in the community.

My Favorite Childhood character?

My favorite childhood character is Wonder Woman. Because she always come to the rescue of others in need.

What's New!


We are looking for a few good people. Miami Children's Initiative is hiring and looking for candidates in the following areas:

- Program Managers

- Community Advocates

- Security Personnel

- Program Coordinators

If you you have a positive attitude and want to join a team that makes a difference in an under-serviced community, click the button below and submit your application. 


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