Why Miami Children’s Initiative?

Miami children’s initiative is something great and positive that a lot of kids don’t have the opportunity to have around them growing up to keep them on the right track. I was a kid that didn’t have a organization like this but I’m glad that now I’m an adult I have the opportunity to work here and help others.

What’s the best part of your work?

The best part of my work is being able to interact with different people and to come to work everyday and see the smile u put on the kids faces is priceless.

What’s your most memorable MCI experience?

My most memorable moment would have to be a tie between my first every Christmas in July and the time me and angel was tasked with building the gazebo. Lol

How has MCI impacted your life?

MCI impacted my life in different ways one way was showing me that it’s a lot of people in this world take needs help and appreciate the help of others. Also it showed me that helping others feels great and it makes me happy.

Please name your favorite childhood character real or imaginary.


What's New!


We are looking for a few good people. Miami Children's Initiative is hiring and looking for candidates in the following areas:

- Program Managers

- Community Advocates

- Security Personnel

- Program Coordinators

If you you have a positive attitude and want to join a team that makes a difference in an under-serviced community, click the button below and submit your application. 


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